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Born in


Cosmic Gong was founded in 2010 by Ângelo Surinder and Kátia Prior, with the aim of promoting an integrated set of practices in the areas of Sound Healing, Yoga, Meditation and Shamanism.

Based in Palmela, in the district of Setúbal, the project reflects the wisdom and inspiration of different traditions and cultures around the world, received through travel and contact with influential masters in the field of Sound Medicine.

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We define it as


Raise public awareness of the transforming potential of sound in the vibrational field and its power as a facilitator of healing processes, activator of contemplative states and unifier of consciousness.

Empower and harmonize the individual in his health and well-being, by becoming aware of himself.

We trust and

we believe

In the unifying power of vibration for healing, harmonizing and transforming the individual, in a holistic way – looking at the individual as unique and whole.

We rely on the wisdom of different ancestral traditions, framing them in a contemporary context.

We allow art, science and ancestry to merge and best serve the individual for their health, personal development and well-being.

The association

Music Vibrational Therapy Holistic Resonance



Investigate, document and promote the effects of vibrational music therapy.

there is one


Contribute to the study and practice of the therapeutic power of sound (vibration) in a scientific way, contributing to the healing, harmonization and self-knowledge of human beings. Investigate and disseminate therapeutic and contemplative, integrative and complementary approaches in the areas of sound (vibration), yoga and shamanism, in a holistic perspective but with a scientific framework. Promoting the integration and development of human and technical resources for knowledge, study, teaching and dissemination to increase individual awareness and the relationship with the environment. Disseminate, promote and preserve, in Portugal and abroad, the teachings of Cosmic Gong, through activities and events Guarantee the quality standards of teaching and transmission of the technology in question, in view of the Code of Professional Ethics for Cosmic Gong Teachers and Therapists.
Who intends to collaborate in


Collaborate with Public and/or Private Entities by carrying out studies, collaborating in research projects and other activities related to the general well-being of the population.

Collaborate with national and international associations for the benefit of their interests.

Organize and promote activities and services for members of a scientific, educational, social, cultural, bibliographical nature, and especially in carrying out courses, lectures, seminars and congresses.

Social intervention with the aim of taking these activities to needy people and social institutions.

Social intervention with the aim of taking these activities to needy people and social institutions.

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Find out about the advantages and benefits for members of the Associação de Musico-Vibracional Therapy Holistic Resonance Cosmic Gong

members and associates

organizational structure

The associative structure aims to cover as many types of members as possible, respecting the individual freedom of each one to decide on the type of involvement they have or intend to contribute to the Association.


our team

Ângelo Surinder

Angelo Surinder

Considered the “Teacher of Teachers”, Ângelo works magic whenever he plays an instrument and has been teaching around the world for the past 10 years.

Rafael Ferreira

Rafael Ferreira

Teacher of Musical Expression, Master of Gongs/Soundhealer and musician, vibration and sound were present in his life from a very early age.

Paulo Gomes

Paulo Gomes

Freelance web designer since 2012, he's lucky, because his work is one of his passions.

Rita Pinho

Rita Pinho

A dreamer by nature, she dedicates her life to creating a bridge between seemingly opposing worlds. Holistic therapist & integrative management consultant is also Brand Manager of one of the largest and most iconic Portuguese food brands.

Sophie Bellmann

Sophie Bellmann

Sophie Bellmann, our house photographer and filmmaker, was originally born in Berlin, Germany. Growing up in a family of artists, she started to paint, dance, write and play classical instruments at a young age.

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