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Ângelo Surinder

Ângelo Surinder

Considered the “Teacher of Teachers”, Ângelo Surinder creates magic every time he plays an instrument and has been teaching all over the world for the last 12 years.

Born in Setúbal, he lived for four years in a community in Galicia, where he learned to live in close communion with Nature, beginning his journey in Shamanism. Returning to Portugal, he trained in Reiki and found Yoga to be an excellent practice for balancing body, mind and spirit, starting to practice Shivananda Yoga in 2002. He wanted to deepen his knowledge in this area and trained as a Kundalini Yoga teacher. in 2006. In this practice, he had his first contact with the Gong, an instrument with which he immediately fell in love.

It was with Master Don Conreaux that he trained as a Gong and Gong Yoga Master. His fascination with the transformative power of sound led him to train as a Music Therapist in the United Kingdom, having completed his internship in the United States of America. He collaborated with a clinic in Malaga, on a research project into the therapeutic effects of sound on human health. He also collaborated with the Oncology department at Hospital de Setúbal for pain relief and with the Portuguese Red Cross. He gave yoga classes to seniors and inmates at Lisbon prison.

He began his regular trips to Peru, where he underwent Healing training with Andean Ancestral Sounds with Tito la Rosa and, to this day, he maintains contact with the Q’eros, direct descendants of the Incas. He learned Ritual Trance Dance with Wilbert Alix, graduated in Sound Massage at the Peter Hess Academy and also embarked on Advanced Thetahealing and Clinical Hypnosis.

As a result of all these years of research into sound, rhythm, vibration and movement therapy, in 2010 he co-founded the Cosmic Gong project and the International Association of Vibrational Music Therapy & Holistic Resonance, with the aim of promoting the study, teaching and dissemination Vibrational Music Therapy and healthy practices for the health, well-being and awakening of the individual’s consciousness,

Through Cosmic Gong, he has trained hundreds of students all over the world and held countless concerts, performances, Gongbaths, Yoga classes and meditations, in private and public events – at Fairs, Festivals and Congresses – and individually, in a therapeutic context.

People from all over the world seek to learn from Ângelo, due to his holistic, inclusive and shamanic way of working and teaching.

From a young age, Ângelo Surinder has always lived differently. As a child, he revealed unusual extrasensory and intuitive abilities. As a teenager, he felt that he did not fit into the conventional standards of school and society, which led him to experiment, at the age of 18, with circus arts and street performances. Contact with several people from the alternative artistic world led him to an experience that would prove to be decisive in his life path: at the age of 21, he went to live in a community, in a small village in Galicia.


During the four years he lived in the community, he learned to live in close communion with Nature, experienced practices and teachings based on Druidism and Celtic culture, and had his first contact with Yoga and Shamanism. It was a period of great growth and opening of consciousness, which awakened his interest in spirituality. Driven by this interest, he set out to discover the holistic understanding of the human being.


Returning to Portugal, he began the regular practice of Shivananda Yoga in 2002, which revealed to him the benefits of physical discipline and the harmony between body, mind and spirit. The experience of achieving natural states of plenitude through the practice of Yoga made him want to delve deeper into this ancient philosophy. In 2006, he embarked on Kundalini Yoga, according to the teachings of Yogi Bhajan. He trained as a teacher and taught regularly until 2020, although he continues the practice to this day, being a member of the board of the Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association. It was in the context of Kundalini Yoga that he received the first signs of his future path in Sound Healing: he was given the spiritual name Surinder, which means “he who holds the divine musical tones of God”, and he came into contact with the gong for the first time. , which he immediately fell in love with.


Music has been present in Ângelo’s life from a very early age: in the family, some of his uncles were musicians, at the age of 11 he had a brief experience with the piano and at 13 he played in the Firefighters’ brass band.

It was during the period in which he lived in the community in Galicia that his musical awareness was established and gained a new dimension. Here, music was used to unite the community, to celebrate and show gratitude to Life and served as a mediator for raising consciousness.

His interest in sound later led him to explore Tibetan singing bowls, having completed the five levels of training at the Peter Hess Academy.

As a practitioner of Kundalini Yoga, he first came into contact with the gong, which he immediately fell in love with, due to its impressive power of transmutation and induction to different states of consciousness.

The desire to learn more about the gong led him to Master Don Conreaux, with whom he graduated in 2009, in the United Kingdom, as a Gong Master and in Gong Yoga. Over the course of eight years, he accompanied Don Conreaux in Gong training sessions held in Portugal and Spain, a valuable experience that allowed him to deepen his knowledge in the area of ​​Sound Healing and mature his skills in teaching it.

During this period, he began visiting South America, driven by the desire to explore the musical consciousness of the Andean people and the use of sound in their Medicine. In Peru, he visited museums, underwent Healing training with Andean Ancestral Sounds with Tito la Rosa and learned in depth about the culture of the Q’eros, direct descendants of the Incas, with whom he shared and received valuable teachings.

I wanted to know more about the healing power of sound and went in search of science. In 2013 he graduated in Music Therapy in the United Kingdom, a course recognized by the Health and Care Professions Council, having completed his internship in the United States of America. This training provided him with solid scientific foundations regarding sound as a therapeutic tool and the experience of its application in the clinical context. Once in Portugal, he collaborated with the Oncology Department of the Setúbal Hospital and the Portuguese Red Cross.

In 2010, he founded the Cosmic Gong project, in partnership with Kátia Prior, with the aim of promoting an integrated set of practices in the areas of Sound Healing, Yoga, Meditation and Shamanism, at the service of health, well-being and awakening the individual’s consciousness. . Through Cosmic Gong, he has trained hundreds of students all over the world and performed countless concerts, performances, Gong Baths, Yoga classes and meditations, at private and public events (at fairs, festivals and congresses) and individually, in a therapeutic context.

Ângelo has a unique style in the way he works with sound, mastering a vast set of instruments such as gongs, Native American flutes, Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, monochord, shamanic drum, ocean drum, shrutti box, rain stick , conch, antaras, hissing vessels, ocarinas, sansula kalimba, xylophone, among others, combining them with Harmonic Singing, Medicine Singing and guided meditation.


In his work as a therapist, Ângelo brings together a diverse set of credentials, having trained in Music Therapy, Clinical Hypnosis, Gong Therapy, Sound Massage with Tibetan Bowls and Advanced Thetahealing. Furthermore, Ângelo brings to his therapeutic sessions other knowledge that he has acquired along the way: in his “medicine bag” there are also tools for Yoga, Meditation, Reiki and Andean Shamanism. He developed his own methodology, based on a holistic approach, in which the physical, emotional, mental and energetic aspects of the patient are worked on, using the tools most suited to their needs.


After his first experience as a Kundalini Yoga teacher, it was with Gong Master Don Conreaux that Ângelo became aware of another of his missions: to teach. For eight years, Ângelo accompanied Don Conreaux in the Gong Master Training courses held in Spain and Portugal, in which he was responsible for teaching the practical part of using the gong and other instruments. This experience was crucial for Ângelo, as he became aware that Sound Healing was not something just for him, but to be shared. During this period in which he taught alongside one of the great Gong Masters, he developed sensitivity in the art of transmitting knowledge and matured his own way of teaching.

Since then, he has promoted Sound Healing, Gongs, Native American Flute, Harmonic Singing and Sound Medicine training. Through the Cosmic Gong project, it has trained hundreds of students in Portugal, Spain, France, Croatia and Slovenia.

Ângelo’s teaching style is a living testimony to the knowledge he acquired and the experiences he had, in contact with different practices and philosophies – from Yoga to Shamanism – and with the great international Masters he met. In their training, Ângelo and Cosmic Gong seek to ensure that their students acquire knowledge, techniques and work tools with a high level of content and professionalism, for the best performance of the practices taught.


One of the hallmarks that distinguishes Ângelo’s work as “Shaman of Sound” is its performative nature. Anyone who attends one of his Gong Baths or Sound Journeys soon discovers that his way of creating sound is closely related to Movement, Dance and Dramatic Expression. His performative instinct was one of the first to reveal itself in his life path: at the age of 18, he had experience in circus arts, participated in street shows and discovered the charm of demonstrating something artistic in front of the public. With this experience, a seed was planted that today manifests itself in his way of delivering Sound.


It is one of the main aspects of Ângelo’s work as a therapist, facilitator and trainer: Shamanism. His first contact with shamanic practices occurred as a young adult, during the period he lived in the community in Galicia. Here, he learned to live in close communion with Nature, to work with its elements, and was introduced to practices based on Druidry and Celtic traditions, which served as the basis of the community’s lifestyle. These teachings had a profound impact on Ângelo’s life, on his spiritual growth and desire to know more about the holistic dimension of the Human Being.

His connection to Shamanism became deeper when he began his travels to South America and met a Paqo, an Inca shaman, who introduced him to the spiritual and multidimensional knowledge of the culture of the Q’eros, a tribe with whom he had been private during his your stays in Peru. All these experiences contribute today to Ângelo’s unique signature as a Sound Healer, in the use of Canto Medicina and shamanic instruments such as the drum, the flute (from Nazca, the Avuelos, from both hemispheres, Native American Flute), the antaras, the hissing vessels, ocarinas and icaros, among others, combined with more common instruments in the area of ​​Sound Healing.


His training as a Music Therapist and his experience in the health sector made him discover a deep interest in research and investigation, which resulted in the creation of the Vibrational Music Therapy and Holistic Resonance Association, with the aim of promoting the study, teaching and dissemination of music therapy. Vibrational Music Therapy in Portugal.

It also established a partnership with a clinic in Malaga, to carry out a study on the effect of sound frequencies on different pathologies. He became a member of Bioeasy SL in Spain, collaborating with the research project and investigation of epigenetic changes in the practice of new methods and integrative therapies.

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