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Cosmic Gong Bath

Cosmic Gong Bath

60 minutes

Group practice

Sound Healing

Sound is luminous vibration, it is timeless and transcends physical times. Sound is invisible energy, it is a portal to Life, to Healing. Sound is an expression of Love.

A Gong Bath is like a unique journey that transports us to another dimension of our existence, where cosmic energy is absorbed by the pores of our skin and our ego is annihilated by divine wisdom. The result of this experience is the development of intuition, creativity and a calm within the existential storm.

For us, the Gong plays a central role in Soundhealing, due to the intense vibration it produces and which acts on our bodies.

In a Bath of Gongs with Cosmic Gong we feel a range of effects, as our gongs are planetary, each having its fundamental note tuned to represent a particular planet, based on the harmonic series calculated by the astronomer Hans Cousto.

In addition to Planetary Gongs, we also use other harmonic sound instruments such as: Tibetan Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Native American Flutes, Cymbals, Shantis, Sansula Kalimba, Xylophone, Shamanic Drum, Rain Stick, Ocean Drum, Shrutti Box and Voice.


A cosmic gong bath will help you:

  • Release mental and emotional blockages;
  • Strengthen the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system;
  • Reduce stress and tension;
  • Balancing the mind and emotions;
  • Stimulate creativity and concentration;
  • Regenerate the nervous system;
  • Awaken self-healing powers.



Contact us if you would like to integrate this sound, therapeutic and relaxing moment into your retreat or private event

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