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3 Modules
2 days each


Sound healing​

Gong teachings feed our higher mind with spiritual knowledge that helps us to enliven our conscience, as well as to develop our intuition and power of synthesis, connecting with the Heart.

It’s the path to mastery in using sound as a tool for transformation and well-being, as a service to humanity! Like all forms of sound therapy, it works on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Gong Potential

The Gong is a powerful instrument for healing that has been used for thousands of years in the spiritual traditions of the East.

The Gong impacts the body, releasing blockages, reducing tension and stimulating circulation. The result of this is a reorganization of emotional energy and feelings that are linked to the structure of our body.

Living with the sound of the gong is capable of placing us in an altered state of consciousness in which the usual functioning of the mind is left aside. Its intense vibrations provoke new ways of feeling, thinking and perceiving, opening up new spiritual experiences.

For example, Planetary Gongs, tuned to represent a harmonic series based on the orbit of a particular planet, resonate strongly with the cosmos, giving us true “music of the spheres”. The vibration produced by these benefits our psychological, physiological and spiritual conditions.

He who touches the gong touches the Universe

Trainee Profile

This course is aimed at anyone interested in their personal growth, music professionals, therapists who want to incorporate the power of sound and vibration of gongs into their experience, who wish to become professional in the area of Musician Vibrational Therapy, specialty Gongs.

You will be able to perform Gong Baths for groups, in multiple contexts.

Course Program

This course lasts six days and is divided into three modules. Each module lasts 16 hours and has different contents/programmes.

Each participant will receive a Theoretical Manual and a Certificate.

We provide all the instruments and accessories necessary for student learning and practice.


Click on the sections below to find out about the program for each level of the course.


* Practitioner Degree

This training module is very practical, with a view to the students’ aptitude for advanced techniques to play the different types of gong.

In this 1st module we present the following content:

  • History and Mythology of the Gong;
  • Types of gong;
  • Techniques for playing the Hanging Gong;
  • Techniques for playing the Gong in the hand;
  • Maintenance;
  • Accessories (masses, supports, bags).


* Professional Grade
* Must have completed the 1st module

This Training module is Professional, with a view to the aptitude of students of evolved and integrated practices for carrying out Gong Baths.

In this 2nd module we present the following content:

  • Gong Bath:
    • Structure
    • Goals
    • Start
    • Relaxation
    • Sound
    • The silence
  • Frequencies and musical notes of Planetary Gongs and their astrological combinations;
  • Use of the Gong in Concerts;
  • Sacred Improvisation;
  • “Refresh” of techniques to play the Gong;
  • Gong Bath;
  • Gong Puja;
  • One-to-One Therapy.


* Master Degree
* Must have completed module 1 and 2



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