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Meditation with Gongs

Meditation with Gongs

60 minutes

Group practice

Sound Healing​

Gong meditation is a transformative practice focused on healing and transforming specific aspects of the individual or the collective, merging breathing techniques and Yoga exercises. With the introduction of the Gong, which prepares and enhances the meditative experience, the body responds to its sound vibration, silencing automatism and words.

During the session we are transported to an altered state of consciousness and mindfulness, where we feel an absolute connection with the Universe. Creative ideas, new ways of seeing life, inspirations/insights and enlightening thoughts emerge.

The Sound and Vibration of the Gongs will help dissolve the accumulated density in the various bodies (physical, energetic and mental) and recover our Personal Power, the inner strength that makes us move towards our dreams, goals, desires and Self Love.

Benefits of Gong Meditation:

Strengthens the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system;
Increases memory and concentration;
Develops the power of visualization;
Promotes mental clarity and focus;
Detoxifies the body;
Regenerates cells;
Release accumulated tension and anxiety;
Stimulates creativity;
Harmonizes the energy centers (chakras);
Balances the two cerebral hemispheres.
Cosmic Gong has conducted these Gong Meditations in multiple contexts, both indoor and outdoor:

Meditation with Gongs at Companies and Corporate / Team Building events
Meditation with Gong on board at sunrise and late afternoon on the Sado River, in partnership with Sea Life Lovers
Meditation with Gongs at Fairs, Festivals, Congresses, Exhibitions, Fashion Shows and Retreats



Contact us if you would like to integrate this sound, therapeutic and relaxing moment into your retreat or private event

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