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Shamanic Sound Journey

Shamanic Sound Journey

60 minutes


Travel between vibrational landscapes and access your ancestral memory.

Shamanic travel is the art of traveling into invisible worlds beyond ordinary reality.

Through the rhythmic sound of one or more drums, singing and other harmonic instruments, we enter an altered state of consciousness in order to access messages/insights from our Higher Self, guides and power animals.

The expansion of consciousness is thus a precious ally when we look for answers or solutions to problems or illnesses.

How it works?
During a session you should sit comfortably or preferably lie down. Close your eyes and surrender to the experience, without expectations.

Through the Medicine Song and other instruments we create binaural tones that will lead you to have different sensations, related to the elements – Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

We use various instruments from the Andean culture, such as: Drums, Nazca Flutes, Avuelos Flutes, Two Hemispheres Flute, Love Flute, Native American Flute, Feather Antaras, Ceramic Antaras, Silbadoras Vessels, Ocarinas, Icaros, Maracas, Gongs and many others.

Link to source and origins;
Remember love;
Release fears and insecurities;
Rescue Personal Power and inner strength.

History / Curiosity
The binaural beat stimulus has been used to induce a variety of states of consciousness, under different circumstances, such as relaxation, focus, attention, etc. Studies have shown that, when distinguishing sounds of different frequencies in each ear and repeatedly, there is a reorganization of brain neuroplasticity. Even though each sound is asymmetrical in each ear, the brain is able to find its balance.

In 1839 Heinrich Wilhelm Dove proved that if we listen to two sound frequencies separately, one in each ear, our brain will detect the variation phase and create a third frequency equal to the difference found between the two sounds, in hertz.
This process is efficient in several cases such as eliminating stress, headaches, migraines and deficits in cognitive functioning.

Currently they are used outside the world of science and commonly used to influence the brain to produce states of relaxation, meditation, pain relief, restorative sleep, or even to lose weight, increase libido, memory, creativity, disposition, reduce anxiety, cure illnesses, attract wealth, success, love, etc.



Contact us if you would like to integrate this sound, therapeutic and relaxing moment into your retreat or event

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