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Sound Healing

Sound Healing

4 levels

Formation / Trainings

Sound Healing​

~ The key to understanding how we can heal the body is understanding how different frequencies or tones influence our physical reality ~

Sound Healing, or Sound Therapy, is a therapeutic approach that uses sound as a vehicle and healing tool.

Cosmic Gong’s Sound Healing Course focuses on the therapeutic and musical use of various instruments such as: Gongs, Tibetan Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Shruti-box, Voice (Singing), Shamanic Drum, Native American Flutes, Monochord, Conch, Sansula Kalimba, Shantis, Koshis, Cymbals and several ancestral instruments of Andean, Indian and Nepalese origin.

Sound Healing Potential

Sound Healing has a high level of health effectiveness for several reasons:

  • Works and balances the different bodies simultaneously (emotional, physical, spiritual and energetic);
  • Sound waves from instruments move brain waves (alpha, beta, and theta);
  • Sound waves from instruments move brain waves (alpha, beta, and theta);
  • Vibrational harmonies move cells, emotions, energy field and possible blockages;
  • Sound induces a more passive state of meditation and mindfulness, while at the same time actively guiding us in a process of listening and awareness of our state of health and well-being.

Trainee Profile

You don’t need to have previous experience to attend this course!

Are you looking to complement your area of knowledge with sound therapy?
Are you looking for theoretical and technical support to become a sound therapist?
Do you seek to understand the dimensions of different bodies and vibrational harmonies?
Are you looking to discover the potential of sound as a tool for creative development?
Self-healing? Self-connection and self-awareness?
Are you looking to professionalize yourself in an emerging and expanding area in this new era?

Then this course is ideal for you!

Who can benefit from this course

  • Lovers of holistic/alternative therapies;
  • Therapists (body, energetic, integrative, natural…);
  • Health professionals (nurses, doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists…);
  • Teachers, trainers, life coach;
  • People who want to become sound therapists (expanding market);
  • Musicians and lovers of music and sound.

How is this course different?

At Cosmic Gong we strive to pass on the maximum knowledge, techniques and tools for the best performance of our students. Our therapeutic method was designed based on the knowledge, research and experience acquired with great international Masters who mirror our path in the last 15 years. We work the Alchemy of yogic and shamanic wisdom with Sound Healing.

Our students acquire knowledge, techniques and work tools with a high level of content and professionalism. We have a rate of 80% of students who became self-employed professionals and experienced a profound transformation.

We intend to train excellent Sound Healing professionals, well informed and with a deep knowledge of the scientific basis in the use of sound/vibration, as well as the energetic and spiritual approach.

Course Program

Sound Healing Training with Cosmic Gong is divided into several levels of knowledge. Sound Healing is a path with many outlets and our students, by doing all levels of training, acquire skills to become excellent professionals in the various outlets.

Each participant will receive a Theoretical Manual and a Certificate.

We provide all the instruments and accessories necessary for student learning and practice.


Click on the sections below to find out about the program for each level of the course.


Practitioner Degree

Strong knowledge and mastery of instruments and their application techniques in multiple contexts

In this 1st level we present the following content.

Presentation and Techniques:

  • To play Gongs;
  • To play Tibetan Bowls;
  • To play Crystal Bowls;
  • To play Shruti-box;
  • To play the Shamanic Drum;
  • For the release of the Voice.

Application in multiple contexts:

  • Meditation;
  • Yoga classes;
  • Relaxations;
  • Gong Baths / Sound Travel;
  • Concerts & Performances.

Theoretical Support:

  • History and Mythology of Instruments;
  • Effect of Sound on our Health;
  • Brain Waves;
  • Behavioral Conduct of the Sound Therapist.


Intermediate Practitioner

Must have completed level 1

Evolved practices for carrying out Gong Baths, Meditations and Sound Therapies

At the 2nd level, we teach evolved and integrated practices for:

  • Opening of the sacred healing space;
  • Conducting Gong Baths;
  • Meditations;
  • Sound Therapies:

* “One to One” and group Gong Therapies;
* Sound Massage with Tibetan Bowls;
* Sound Therapy with all instruments;
* Puja of Gongs.

Presentation and Techniques:

  • To play Native Flutes and Andean Flutes;
  • To play the Shamanic Drum;
  • To touch the Shell;
  • Kirtans / satsangs;
  • Breathing techniques;
  • Posture;
  • Guided relaxation.

Theoretical Support:

  • High knowledge of physical and energetic anatomy;
  • Healing frequencies;
  • Meridians, Polarities and Kundalini energy;
  • Relationship between musical notes, chakras, organs and frequencies of the planets.


8am-9am – Yoga Practice
9am-10am – Breakfast
10am-1pm – Morning Training
1pm-3pm – Lunch break
3pm-8pm – Afternoon Training
20h-21h – Jantar
21:30-23:30 – Group activities / Free practice


Professional Grade

Must have completed level 1 and 2

The student will have the ability to perform individual or group sound therapies with high knowledge of physical and energetic anatomy, healing frequencies and opening the healing space.

In the 3rd level we teach advanced techniques for:

  • Individual sound therapy;
  • Ethical and professional conduct of the Sound Therapist;
  • The Gong for Ceremonies, Births, Death;
  • Group Performances.

Theoretical Support:

  • The Gong as a shamanic healing tool;
  • Advanced studies of the therapeutic effects of each instrument;
  • Cosmic Gong teaching pedagogy;
  • Ethical and professional conduct of the Sound Therapist.


Master’s degree

Must have completed level 1, 2 and 3

The student will be able to take courses in Gong, Tibetan Bowls and Sound Healing, according to the Cosmic Gong Method.

Theoretical Support:

  • Cosmic Gong teaching pedagogy;
  • Teacher’s ethical and professional conduct.

To complete this stage, the student will have to carry out 90 hours of mentoring, providing assistance in the Cosmic Gong Courses in order to integrate the form of teaching under the supervision of Master Ângelo Surinder.


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