Native American Flute Training

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Meet Angelo, your Native American Flute Course teacher, Sound Healer and head of Cosmic Gong. Considered the “Shaman of Sound”, Angelo works magic whenever he plays an instrument and has been teaching around the world for the past 10 years.

Angelo will give you clear guidelines on what you can expect from the training and how your training will be structured and as well on how you can structure yourself.

You will need a flute and 10 minutes per day to learn the Native American Flute. If you do not have a flute and you are interested in purchasing one, check out our shop


Dive into the mythology surrounding the Native American flute and understand its cultural significance.

Discover the role of the Native American Flute in Sound Healing and which elements are influenced by the flute.

Angelo will tell you about four different types of Native American Flute. You can also check out all of our flutes in the shop:

Explore the different components that make up the Native American flute, gaining insights into its structure.

Learn how to properly clean and maintain your flute so you can enjoy playing it for a long time.

It is always important to stretch! Prepare your body for playing with these exercises every time before you start practicing.

Angelo teaches you the correct way to hold and mount your flute for optimal playability.


Experience the magic of creating your first sound. Yey!

Begin your journey into playing the flute by learning basic finger techniques.

Learn how to climb the pentatonic scale on your flute.

Advance your fingerplay skills with a deeper dive into more complex techniques.


Now we will start to learn more advanced exercises that bring you closer to playing your first melody.

Discover how to create unique sound effects and textures with your flute.

Continue your exploration of advanced techniques, taking your flute skills to the next level.

Learn how to add dynamics and how you can end your tones with different techniques.

It´s time! you will create your first melody.


The Breathing techniques are one of the most important factors to create dynamics and melodies.

Continue your breath control journey with more exercises from Angelo.

Understand the nuances of continuous and discontinuous breath patterns in flute playing.

Learn more advance breathing techniques and let you create playful melodies.

Part 6 - MELODY

Gain a deeper understanding of the pentatonic scale and its role in playing the Native American flute.

We will continue with creating melodies with the tools you learned in the classes before.

Learn your first complete melody from Angelo.

Part 7

You made it!

Congratulations, You’re a Flute Maestro!: Celebrate your journey through the Native American Flute Training, equipped with the skills to create beautiful music.

Native American Flute Training

Online Training
  • 7 parts
  • 27 videos

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